Love Works by Joel Manby

Here is my video review of Joel Manby’s new book, “Love Works“:

This is a must read for every leader! Get it now!


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Some Highlights:

  • Love is never an excuse to ignore poor performance or neglect the bottom line!
  • Patiently leading with love doesn’t mean waiting to stop poor performance or bad behavior
  • “Anyone who consistently makes you feel bad is not helping you be better.” -Sam Horn
  • Every time you walk by someone you have a chance to make their day better or worse!
  • The enthusiasm of the guest experience can never rise any higher than the enthusiasm of your own employees
  • Spend part of every day actively encouraging the behavior you want to enforce
  • “Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone” -Andy Stanley
  • I believe that the fewer decisions we feel we need to make, the stronger leader we are and the stronger team we have built.
  • Letting employees make relevant decisions attract and keep the best people!
  • Most people don’t leave an organization because of poor performance, they leave because they don’t feel valued.
  • Leading with love is never an excuse to be “soft” as a leader
  • Leading with love, even if it means giving undeserved second chances, is the right way to build an organization for long-term health.
  • Leading with love is more important than the temporary approval of your coworkers
  • We all have do goals, but do we all have be-goals?
  • Do goals will constantly change over time, while be goals should be timeless and rarely, if ever, change.
  • Leading with love means building organizations that last!
  • Leading with love is too important to be left to chance.


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