Man Up Pittsburgh Conference Recap

On Saturday, my dad and I attended the ManUp Pittsburgh Conference hosted by Urban Impact.  It was an incredible conference. It gave me a vision of what a Godly father looks like. It also challenged me and inspired me to be a big brother or a father like figure to those who are fatherless. It really made me appreciate the impact youth ministry can make on a young person’s life. It’s opened my eyes to look for opportunities to father the fatherless. If you’re a man, you need to go to this conference. The next conference will be on June 7th, 2014. I thought I would share some of my key takeaways from each session. I hope they inspire and challenge you!

ManUpPGHMorning Session: Tunch Ilkin, Aaron Smith, Larry Foote, and Ed Glover 

  • 3 things dad should say all the time: 1.) I love you 2.) I am proud of you 3.) You’re good enough
  • Be the man you want your kids to be
  • Nothing moves without prayer, people, money, and leadership
  • Miracles only come because of problems

Mark Merrill:

  • Family fundamentals: 1.) Love 2.) Leadership
  • Love is not a transaction, it’s an action
  • A father will never lead his children greatly until he has loved them deeply
  • Kids need to be loved for who they are
  • We are all the products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of our past!
  • A man fails, not when he has failures, but when he succeeds at hiding them


My dad and I at the conference.

Breakout Session: When Rebellion Erupts in your Family – Ed Glover

  • Luke 15:11-24 – – Prodigal son
  • Process: Break-up, break down, break through
  • Sometimes the worst thing that can happen is for God to give us what we want. God want to give us what we need, not what we want.
  • We need to give our children what they need, not what they want
  • When people rebel, they want to get as far away as possible
  • Rebellion leads you to do things you’d never thought you’d do
  • If they don’t repent, they haven’t gone far enough – don’t fix it
  • How we respond when someone truly repents makes a huge difference – love them
  • Prevention Principles:
    • Don’t look at the external stuff – watch their heart
    • See your child not as they are, but as they can become
    • If we don’t believe in our kids, who will?
    • Find your childs bent before you get bent out of shape
    • Don’t try to get them to be who you want them to be, find out who God wants them to be.
    • Never try to make your kids another you.
    • Be the spiritual leader of your house!
    • Your children deserve to hear you pray, talk about God, put God first, share christ, give, volunteer, speak well of others, etc.
    • Don’t leave up to others what your job is as a parent
    • Kids spell love T-I-M-E

Be the Spiritual Leader of Your Home – John Guest 

  • Let Jesus lead you and you’ll lead your family
  • Get in the word daily and pray
  • Use your home as a church – let people see how you live
  • The greatest gift you can give to your children is giving them examples to look up to.
  • Let people know what God is doing in your life
  • We need other meaningful relationships with other men
  • Do you have any real manly relationships? Without that, you don’t be able to lead at home.
  • Kids need to know God is central in your life. Be bold.
  • Lay your life down for your wife as Christ laid his down for the church.
  • Live a sacrificial life with a sacrificial love.

Mike Tomlin:

  • The first thing you have to do to be successful is SHOW UP
  • Be a blueprint for others to see what being a Godly father is all about
  • Blessings come with responsibility
  • Who is in close proximity to you that you can influence? Be a father for the fatherless.
  • Share your daddy time with others -> open your eyes for opportunities to be a father to the fatherless.
  • Decide and decide once to be a great dad.

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