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Doug's exclusive 12-month Mastermind group is your ticket to building a great life and elevating your leadership to unprecedented heights.

Why a Mastermind Group?

Did you know that a staggering 80% of leaders can’t name a single person they can confide in? Doug Smith believes that no leader should tread the path alone and that every leader thrives in a supportive community. His mastermind groups aim to create an environment where leaders are:

Fully Known – A safe space to share your life’s journey.

Fully Loved – Unconditional support and care from your fellow group members.

Fully Challenged – Encouragement to grow beyond your limits.


What the Mastermind Consists Of:

Two monthly mastermind sessions (60-90 minutes each)

That's a total of 24 sessions!

Goal setting and sharing

For increased accountability, feedback, and goal achievement.

Hot Seats

A chance for you to tackle your challenges head-on with the collective wisdom of the group.

Customized Curriculum

Expertly crafted by Doug to help you achieve your group's objectives.

Social Outings and a Retreat

Strengthen connections with fellow members through retreats, dinners, and fun activities.

By the end of this Mastermind, you will have:

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