Meetings You Should Have on Your Calendar Every Month

“It’s not a question of whether or not your calendar will be full, the question is, who will fill your calendar?” -John Maxwell

In this post, I want to challenge you to think about the meetings that are on your calendar each month outside of your regular work meetings. Other than having fun, most people take their free time for granted and never use it intentionally. I want to challenge you to start to use your free time intentionally by scheduling the following meetings each month:

Family Meetings – Make this a priority! If you’re married, schedule time with your spouse! Schedule time with your kids! Schedule times to see your parents and grandparents! If you don’t schedule this first, your calendar will fill up and you will never give the people you love most the time they need.

Learning Meetings – I would encourage you to make a list of leaders and experts that you would love to have coffee or lunch with. Dream big with your list. Nobody is off-limits! How do you get meetings with these people? Make the time valuable for them! I ask them if I can interview them and record the interview for my Learning to Lead Podcast. Most leaders love investing in other leaders and are glad to do it. Once the door is open, it is up to you to build and cultivate the relationship into a mentoring relationship.

Mentor Meetings – I define a mentor as someone who is further ahead in the journey than you are, who meets with you on a consistent basis to challenge you, instruct you, and help you navigate through the issues you are facing in your life. It’s important that they know you well so they can help you with your blind spots.

Growth Experience Meetings – Networking events, conferences, leadership breakfasts, etc. There are a TON of events like this going on all over your city. Find the ones that interest you and attend one. You’ll meet some incredible people and will have doors open for you that you never dreamed of!

Iron Sharpening Iron Meetings – These are one on one meetings with peers who are in similar positions and seasons of life as you are. You do life together! You challenge each other, pray for each other, hold each other accountable, and dream together.

Small Group Meetings – If you are not connected with a small group of men or women that meets on a consistent basis and does life together, I can’t encourage you enough to join one or start one, NOW. We were not created to do life alone. We need to do life WITH people.

Giving Back Meetings  – If you have been blessed enough to have those who are ahead of you to invest in your life, then you need to return the favor by investing in those who are coming up behind you! Find a few young potential leaders and invest in them!

Hangouts/Double Dates/ Fun Meetings – These are what most people actually do schedule intentionally! You need to have set times in your calendar where you are hanging out with people you love and that you have a blast with!


  • Which of these meetings do you already have on your calendar each month?
  • Which meetings do you need to add to your calendar? 
  • What meetings do you make sure are on your calendar each month that you would recommend having? 

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