The Mentor Leader by Tony Dungy

The more I read and hear about Tony Dungy, the more I respect and admire him. Probably the thing I admire most about him is how he uses the platform God has given Him. Since winning the super bowl and retiring, he has given his life and his influence to some pretty amazing causes and He never does anything without pointing people to God.

That is the kind of leader I want to be like. That is the kind of leader I want to follow. If you read The Mentor Leader, I can promise you that your heart will be impacted. This book deals a lot with the heart of a leader. If your heart isn’t for people, you’ll end up a lousy leader with a lousy legacy. However, if your heart is all for helping people become the best they are possible at becoming, there is no limit to what your legacy as a leader can be.

Pick this one up my friends, it’s well worth the read.


Some Highlights:

  • If all you’re about is winning, it’s not really worth it. I’m after things that last. Keli McGregor
  • I don’t think it’s possible to be an accidental mentor.
  • Successful mentor leaders make the people they lead better players, workers, students, or family members—and ultimately, better people.
  • Mentor leaders understand that if we lose sight of people, we lose sight of the very purpose of leadership.
  • if you’re a leader, people’s lives should be better because of the influence you’ve had along the way.
  • The single most important factor that differentiates mentor leaders from other leaders in any setting is their outward focus on others.
  • Take a moment to think about your answer to this question: Am I prepared to have great success and not get any credit for it?
  • If you pursue mentor leadership, God will ultimately use you for His good; and He is capable of accomplishing more than you ever thought possible. Focus on the impact you can have with the platform God gives you.
  • Every platform is important in God’s eyes. Make the most of yours.Every platform He sets before us has a purpose in His plan. Every platform creates a unique opportunity to change the world by changing people’s lives.
  • Remember, in times of crisis people will follow those with character. Not competence or authority, but character.
  • Consider your legacy. You can tell the world who you are, but the you they hear and see in action will be the you they remember. What kind of legacy are you building?
  • If you’ve been building leaders all around you, then the organization certainly shouldn’t fall apart when you leave.
  • If leaders are focused on multiplying their efforts and growing other leaders for long-term, sustainable success, they will succeed in building organizations that are full of leaders—and eventually replace themselves.
  • If you want to help people become the best they can be, they will gravitate to you.
  • One of the best pieces of advice Coach Noll ever gave me was not to make any career decisions based on money. Don’t look at salary or security as the most important thing. Rather, before accepting a job, look at what you will learn from that employer, the type of people you will be around, and how it will help you reach your long-term life goals.
  • I’ve learned that people can usually do more than they think they can, and many times more than I think they can. Sometimes, they just need the right spark. I’ve also learned that people who are motivated to do well will generally find a way to succeed.

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