Ministry Highlight: 19 North

19 North


In Honor of the “Big Announcement” This Weekend I want to Highlight on of the Best Ministries in Pittsburgh

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19 North has changed my life along with the lives of hundreds of other twenty somethings and they’re raising the lids of other college ministries all throughout the region.

If you’ve never heard of 19 North or have and haven’t been there in a while – this Saturday is the perfect time to go. First of all, there is a huge secret that will be brought out into the open! Second, Zack will be starting a new series called “One” where he will be sharing the vision God has put in his and Lauren’s heart for 19 North. It’s a perfect time to get plugged in. Here is so more info:

Pastor: Zack and Lauren Blair

When: Saturdays at 8:30 p.m.

Where: Victory Family Church

What: 19 north is a ministry where more than 130 18-30 year olds, married and single, have been gathering for one purpose, to elevate God in the lives of the 20-somethings in this region.

19north is not a “singles-gathering.” We’re not a “meat-market” and never will be. We’re not interested in entertaining this generation; we’re interested in changing this generation. Our heart is to go deeply into the Word of God without compromise, to go deeply into worship, and to teach 20-somethings how to experience God in college, as a single parent, as a husband, as a wife, in the work-place, and wherever they go, in ways relevant to them. Everything that we do revolves around one principle: to greatly impact others so they can make a great impact.

We believe in you and we want to give you every opportunity to grow in the calling that God has for your life.



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