Ministry Highlight: Finish Line Ministries (Pastor Larry Bettencourt)

What They Do:

FINISHLINE MINISTRIES seeks to serve and strengthen the vision of the local church by providing practical insights through these methods:
1. by COACHING – Mentoring emerging Youth Pastors and leaders.

IE. (Personal coaching on the “How to” of youth ministry)

2. by EQUIPPING – Enhancing church members and staffs how to “Align” to the Vision of their pastor.

IE. (Teaching HELPS ministry messages and church “Master Planning”© concepts*) *independent consulting

3. by TRAINING – Teaching practical leadership principles and hosting youth ministry leadership workshops / conferences.
IE. (ACHIEVE: monthly “the AM” leadership breakfast and 1 day STUDENT MINISTRY leadership events)

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Personal Testimony: I’ve blogged about Pastor Larry a lot so I’ll keep this brief. I can name so many people and ministries that have never been the same because of having Pastor Larry’s investment in them, including my own. I wouldn’t be in ministry or anywhere in life if it weren’t for this man.

I’ll just say that if your a youth pastor, youth leader, senior pastor, etc. You need to bring Pastor Larry by your side and have him work with you and your team. He has the experience and the coaching skills necessary to take you and your team to another level. On top of consulting, he is an incredible communicator for your church, youth ministry, youth retreat, or youth camp. If you’re interested in having him consult with your team or speak at your church or event, e-mail him at

Pastor Larry’s Bio:

  • Over 20 years Youth Pastor and Associate ministry experience
  • 13 years as Associate Pastor of Victory Family Church- assisted Pst. John Nuzzo in establishing Victory as a one of the prominent churches in the Northeast, seeing growth from 70 to over 2,000
  • Oversight of ministries include: Youth, Children, Helps, 20 something, and Pastoral care
    (Started 2 youth groups and managed completion of 10,000 sq. ft. Youth Center)
  • 17 years of hosting and organizing youth camps and leadership seminars
  • Master in Organizational Leadership
  • Football assistant coach- at Geneva College (3yrs) and Seneca Valley High School (10yrs)
  • Married to Kim for 17 years
  • 4 awesome daughters

Check out and Buy Pastor Larry’s Latest Book: Put it Behind Ya

Check out Pastor Larry’s Blog:

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Here is an interview my good friend, Cory Vogan, had with Pastor Larry in March, 2009:

Pastor Larry Bettencourt Interview from Bubba Smith on Vimeo.


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