Ministry Highlight: Moore Life Ministries

If you know me, you know that I love Keith Moore’s ministry! In fact, other than my church, he is pretty much my only source of spiritual food. Honestly, I can’t find much better in the body of Christ today. You’ll find the majority of people at my church listening to Brother Keith on a consistent basis. Keith was one of Kenneth Hagin’s right hand men for 20+ years before he launched his own ministry.


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Free Downloads: Keith offers ALL of his sermons online for free download…Unbelievable!!!

Here are some of my favorite series that I recommend listening to… You can also browse the thousands of other sermons available.

I hope that once you start listening to some of these messages that it will skyrocket your growth spiritually and you’ll find yourself in an entirely new place in a few months and years! Enjoy!


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  1. I agree that listening to the tapes from MooreLife Ministries is an outstanding way to obtain a deeper understanding about God's Word. Same as you, it is my main source of spiritual food.
    I was very grieved when Brother K. E. Hagin went to be with the Lord. Brother Hagin, Brother Derek Prince and my mother in law were spiritual partners to me. They all died the same fall.
    That fall, I was attacked with so much spiritual warfare. I praise God so much that over two years ago, my friend introduced me to MooreLife Ministries. I have been a partner ever since then. I grew in victory. I am blessed to learn from one who learned from Brother Hagin. Now, I am not grieved about Bro. Hagin.

  2. we realy respect brother keith,we have had the honor of being at 4 different meeting in branson,the lord directed us to ( focus on this minitry ) and we did at it has completly changed our lives. question ,do you know were brother keith is starting the 2nd flc ? your doing a great job ! max

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