Ministry Highlight: Prison Entrepreneurship Program

I’m still getting over jet lag from my flight back to L.A. – I’ll be posting highlights from the trip shortly. However, one thing I do want to start focusing on is ministry highlights. There were all kind of ministries represented at Catalyst West Coast. I’d like to highlight a few in hopes that they will capture your heart and your attention. Who knows, maybe it will strike a passion in you and you’ll end up pursuing a job in a similar ministry or supporting them… So here we go:

Prison Entrepreneurship Program


Founder: Catherine Rohr

What is it: A ministry that educates prison inmates, graduates them, and helps them become entrepreneurs when they go back into the world.


It’s Impact On Me: Catherine spoke at Catalyst West and lit a fire in my heart for prison ministries. She talked about grace and how nobody wants to be known for the worst thing they’ve done, and neither do prisoners. She talked about how most people view them as animals, but we need to view them as human beings. What if we viewed everyone the way God does?

She brought two prisoners who had graduated her program and when they got out of jail they started their own companies. These men came out in business suit, (you’d never have known they ever prison inmates), and shared their stories (including their crimes, which made people a little uncomfortable), and how this ministry changed their lives. Their lives have been transformed, they now have families, kids, an education, and their own business, all because of PEP. Amazing… Check out their website for more information.

If you’d like to support PEP Click here

You can listen to Catherine’s story and heart for this ministry here:


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  1. Hey, if you ever want to hook up with my hubby and minister to the kids at Allencrest Juvenile Detention Center, let him (or me) know. He’d love to have some on-fire young adults ministering to the kids there! He goes every Sunday morning at 10:30 and every Thursday evening at 6:00 p.m.

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