Ministry Highlight: The Cadre (A Must for Youth Pastors)

What they do: A coaching ministry for youth pastors – Jeanne Mayo, who has been in youth ministry for 40 years personally mentors you along with several other youth pastors around the country through a monthly conference call and two retreats to her house in Atlanta.

What You’ll Get:


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Personal Testimony: I’ve just wrapped up my first year of being mentored by Jeanne through this program and I can definitely say it was life changing! This is such an amazing experience in so many ways – whether it’s gleaning wisdom from Jeanne’s 40+ years of experience, developing friendships with some of the greatest youth pastors in the country, or all of the surprises you get throughout the year, this will be an experience you’ll never forget. I’ve heard testimony after testimony of the principles learned through this ministry, when applied, have revolutionized youth ministries around the country. If your a youth pastor, you need to sign up for this ministry right now – it’s beyond worth the money. Get ready for a life change…


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