Ministry Highlight: World Vision

Ministry Highlight: World Vision

What they do: To Read About World Vision Click Here

Websites: WorldVision.Org + You can follow them on Twitter Here!

Get Involved: Find out how you can help – There are several options!

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My Thoughts: I’ve been reading “The Hole in Our Gospel” by Richard Stearns, the president of  World Vision. This book has been transforming the way I see global issues facing our world and really challenging me about my part in doing something about it. Since reading it, I’ve become a sponsor for a child in Africa. For $30 a month you can provide: Clean Water, Nutritious Food, Health Care, including AIDS Prevention, Educational Opportunities, Spiritual Nurture, Care for Sick or Dying Parents. and HIV and AIDS counseling for a child. I’d highly recommend picking up the book, sponsoring a child, and getting involved in any way you can… It’ll change your life, and more importantly… the lives of others.


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  1. World Vision is a fantastic organization! I had the privilege of interning there for 9 months when I was in college. They do a fantastic job of improving the situation of the poor worldwide and bringing awareness of the plight of others to those who are able to help. I’d work there again in a heartbeat if the opportunity came up! Glad to see someone else getting hooked up with the vision.

  2. That’s awesome Angela! You should definitely read “The Hole in Our Gospel”… What all did you do during your internship?

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