Ministry Lessons (Part 1)

So I’ve officially been on staff at Victory for one year! It went so fast! I currently work for our youth ministry, Revolution, as a youth assistant. It is an absolute honor and privilege to work at Victory under the leadership of Pastor John and Michelle. I’ve been serving at Victory since August of 2003 so I’ve gotten the opportunity to see a lot of the behind the scenes of ministry. I just want to take a few days and share some lessons I’ve learned about ministry throughout the process. I hope it adds value to your life! These lessons are in no specific order…

What I’ve Learned about Ministry so Far

  • Ministry is spelled W-O-R-K – So many times people make the assumption that ministry is this glorious experience where things just magically happen and its a dream come true. I wish everyone could see how much work is really involved in reaching a generation. Be prepared to work hard…
  • If you wouldn’t do it for Free, You Wouldn’t do it at all – Often times people who are on staff doing things people would “dream of doing for a church” did the same things they’re doing now on staff that they did for free in a volunteer position. Brad Cooper told me recently that, “People that want a position that aren’t currently serving, often want to be discovered rather than developed.” That will never get you anywhere. Are you serving right now with the same attitude, work ethic, integrity, etc. that you would if you were on staff at a church?
  • Faithfulness + A Servants Heart = Promotion – The Bible says promotion comes from the Lord. I believe that 2 keys to getting promoted are being faithful and having the heart of a servant. Keith Moore says he is often asked, “How did you get on staff at Rheema, become a healing school teacher, etc.?” His response, “When I got to Rheema – they needed someone to help with check-in so I helped there, they needed help setting up chairs – so I did, etc. – eventually they needed someone to teach healing school – so I did, then they brought me on staff.” Are you faithful with what God has given you to do now?Be faithful and watch where God takes you!

More to come this week…. Thoughts?


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  1. Hey Bubba,
    Thanks for posting on this topic. It is really helpful for wanna be ministers like me, but really it could be applied to anyone who wants’ to fulfill the plan of God for their life.
    Ironically I found an interesting verse applying to this subject just recently:
    Romans 15:25~ “But now I am going to Jerusalem to minister to the saints.” In my Bible there is a footnote that says “minister” can also be translated “serve.” So really he was going to Jerusalem to serve the saints. Even the great Apostle Paul was called to serve others.
    I believe we will never be done being a servant. God has called all of us to serve, so the sooner we learn how to be a servant and become proficient at it, the sooner we an get into the things God has called us to, ministry, helps, whatever. I guess it just helped put into perspective for me just how important it is to serve.


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