Ministry Lessons (Part 2)

What I’ve Learned about Ministry so Far:

If you’re able to do something other than ministry, do it – This might throw you off, it certainly threw me off! I heard a minister say that he always tells young leaders that unless ministry is the only thing they could possibly do on earth – don’t do it. Why? Because ministry (five-fold) is tough and if you’re not called by God to do it – you’ll never make it!

The Greatest Success you can have in life and ministry is impacting someone for the Kingdom of God: It’s so easy to get focused on the wrong things in ministry – building your reputation, your influence, your kingdom…all these things will pass away. What really matters to God is people – they’re His prized possession. If we’re building people – we’re already successful in God’s eyes.

Everything I have is from Him and is for Him James 1:17 says that every good thing in our lives comes from God. If we’re naturally gifted in an area it’s easy to believe that we can do things on our own, lean on our gifting, or believe that we are where we are today as a result of how gifted we are. We end up use our gifts (that God gave to us) to draw attention to ourselves instead of drawing attention to God. The reality is that God has gifted us for His glory. In ministry, we need to constantly be in a state of thanks to God for everything He’s given us – and use what He’s given us to build His kingdom, not ours.



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