Ministry Lessons (Part 4)

What I’ve Learned About Ministry so Far

Ministry is a Marathon, Not a Sprint – It’s so easy to want to be where God might have you in 20 years right now. It’s difficult to enjoy where you are and the journey to where you’re going. If we can see the big picture of what God is doing and take each day for what it’s worth – we’ll enjoy the journey and in our life time accomplish all that God has planned for us.

Ministry is a Thankless Job
– this may be hard to believe – but people in ministry do not hear “thank you” very often. When is the last time you thanked your pastor/pastors, church staff, volunteers for the investment they’re making – trust me – it could change their life. Go thank them!

It’s the most rewarding job on the planet – Though ministry is a thankless job, though it is a ton of work, though it requires an enormous amount of sacrifice, I don’t believe there is anything more rewarding. To know that you’re involved with something bigger than you and to know that as a result of your work – peoples lives and eternities will never be the same is so humbling. There is nothing else I’d rather be doing with my life!



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  1. Great posts, brotherman.

    Thank God, we’ll always be learning. You’ve learned this in one year. Imagine 40. Thanks for always taking note of great things.


  2. Yea man – I can’t even fathom where God will take us and what He’ll teach us in 40 years – glad we’ll journey together though!

    Love you brother!


  3. Hey Bubba,
    It’s really cool that despite the down sides and hard work that you’re still passionate about your job. I think that shows that you are the type of person God is looking for to use, sounds like you’ve got a good heart.
    But hey don’t forget Mark 10:29. It’s very encouraging. Also something that really helped me to understand to a greater degree the affects of serving was the series, “The Kingdom of God” by Keith Moore (though I’ve heard your a Bro. Moore fanatic, so you may have already heard it). I like to listen to it while I vacuum at church 😛
    Anyway I don’t know what happened to “Ask Anything Friday,” but I’m going to ask anything anyway.
    I’m considering getting an iphone, would you suggest it?


  4. Hey Rain,

    I haven’t listened to that series yet – I’ll check it out.

    Every human being living on the planet should have an iPhone!

    Have a great day!


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