Don't Miss Anything!

“You only get to live once, but if you do it right once is enough.”

I read this statement by Jim Rohn and thought it was a profound life lesson. He said, “Here’s what my parents taught me. Don’t miss anything. Don’t miss the game. Don’t miss the performance, don’t miss the movie, don’t miss the show, don’t miss the dance. Go to everything you possibly can. Buy a ticket to everything you possibly can. Go see everything and experience all you possibly can”

What a great lesson! Too often we get caught up in our day-to-day grind that we miss out on so much of life! My encouragement to you today is simple: Don’t Miss Anything!

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When is the last time you:

  • Did something for the first time?
  • Went to the theater?
  • Went to church?
  • Went to a game?
  • Went for a walk?
  • Went to the conference?
  • Traveled somewhere you’ve never been?
  • Watched a sunset?
  • Went on a mission trip?
  • Took dance lessons?
  • Learned a new skill?
  • Did something you thought was impossible?

There is so much to experience in life! Don’t miss anything! Do everything you can! Go everywhere you can! Live it up! Let’s go! What are you waiting for?


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