Judged or Ignored

I am going to be very vulnerable in this post. One of my biggest struggles in life is worrying about what other people think of me. I think about that all the time! What do people think of when they think of me?What do they think when I publish and promote a blog post or promote a message I just spoke? Do they think I’m self-centered and arrogant? Do they think I’m a good person? What if they think what I wrote or spoke is stupid? What if they think I’m an idiot?

Does anyone else  other than me struggle with this? When I get to thinking about it, I just want people to know me! To know the real me! I want them to know that I have some great motives for what I do and I have some not so great motives for what I do, but at the end of the day, I believe my heart is right before God and I am doing what I do for the right reasons.

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When I think about what I do and why I do it, here are the motives behind what I do:

Good Motives:

  • I want my life and everything I do to honor God!
  • I want to help people in anyway that I can!
  • I want to encourage people to live the lives God intended them to live!
  • I want to help people grow to their maximum potential!
  • I want people to know that they can do anything God says they can do!
  • I want to grow and develop my skills
  • I want to grow to my maximum potential

Bad Motives:

  • I want to be famous!
  • I want people to be impressed by the way I live my life

As I constantly wrestle with what I think others are thinking about me, I am learning that all that really matters is what God thinks about me. He knows my heart. He knows why I do what I do. He knows when my motives are pure and He knows when my motives are not so pure. In the end, I believe if you asked God and asked people who really know me about why I do what I do,  they would tell you that my good motives outweigh the bad ones!

I believe as long as I am trying to please God and help people, then I will always be on the right track. I can’t let what people think of my hold me back from doing what I believe God has put in my heart and called me to do.

I will be judged and misunderstood by people. Some people may think I’m arrogant and self-centered, but that’s probably because they don’t know me that well. I recently read this post by Seth Godin titled, “You Will be Judged (or you will be ignored)” and it really spoke to me. I’d encourage you to do the same. Here is what I learned:

If you’re going to do something great with your life, you will be judged, but as Seth Godin says, the alternative is to do nothing with your life and be ignored!

If you’re anything like me, it’s time to stop letting what you think others think about you hold you back from doing what is in your heart to do. Go after it with everything in you.

What’s holding you back from pursuing what’s in your heart? 

What can you do to overcome that?


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