Movie Review: Fireproof

When I watched Facing the Giants… I liked the message, although I found a lot of it to be cheesy. So when I heard they made a new movie I was hesitant, but I heard a lot of great things about this movie and decided to check it out.

Now, keep in mind… I’m a sensitive guy! I liked the movie a lot. I almost cried at several points throughout the evening!

Although I am not married yet, it helped give me a realistic view of what marriage could be like…literally Heaven or Hell on earth. Yes, there were still cheesy parts that I thought “AHHH IF YOU’D JUST TAKE THAT PART OUT THIS MOVIE WOULD BE A LOT BETTER!” Other than that though…I love how bold they are about Jesus and the love of God. There is so much truth in the message of unconditional love and loving not based on feelings. I wish all married couples would watch this movie.

It was an overall great movie and I think everyone should go see it….give them a bigger budget for their next movie (Facing the Giants 2??? Just a thought haha…)

Overall grade: B


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