Movie Review: Seven Pounds

This movie was absolutely life changing – I am not only recommending you go see it – but commanding you to! I was literally speechless for a half an hour after the movie – I literally am writing an entire entry in my journal on thoughts I have from this movie. I can’t talk much about it without giving a lot away – so go find out for yourself.

Here is the trailer:


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  1. i saw seven pounds with my family yesterday – it was such a heavy storyline that just smashes into your heart. it’s hard because you can’t say anything about the movie without giving it away! but i will just say, i completely understand where you’re coming from in your post – speechless. anyway, i hope you’re doing well! merry christmas!

  2. Christine Mazzacone!

    What’s going on? Long time- no talk! Hope everything is going well – I miss you guys! Yea – definitely a life changing movie! Have an amazing Christmas!


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