My Favorite Iphone Apps

I love the iPhone so I thought I’d share some of my favorite apps, in hopes that you’ll share yours with me! Here they are:

Awesome Note I just got this one recently! I track my to-do’s on this as well as use it for taking notes in meetings, in church, etc. I love the filing system it has in it as well!

Holy Bible – I love this app by! It’s free and you can read any version you want! I use YouVersion for my devotions, you can follow several different Bible Reading plans with this app. A must have!

Mint.Com – I use to track all of my finances! I absolutely love it. The iphone app just shows you the summaries of what you’ve spent and have coming in, and will alert you when bills are coming up or your checking account is low.

Facebook- This one is pretty obvious…

PS Mobile Photoshop for the iphone! Awesome for editing pictures!

Echofon My twitter app of choice for the iPhone.

X3Watch – You have to have accountability even on your phone these days! This is a browser that will e-mail my accountability partners if I look at any sites I shouldn’t be looking at. A must have!

TwitVid – Uploads videos to Twitter from your phone! Love it!

ImapMyRide – I love this app for when I go running! It keeps track of everything – pace, distance, etc. It records you’re route on a map, records all of your runs, allows you to listen to your ipod while running…I could go on and on! A must have for runners, bikers, walkers…

Analytics Pro – I use google analytics to track my traffic on my websites. I got this at the recommendation of Michael Hyatt. I absolutely love it – it’s better than using Analytics on my computer.

Google – Quick links to all of my Google Apps! I mainly use this for Google Reader!

Flixster I’m a big movie buff! This shows you whats playing, trailors, upcoming movies, and tons of other things!

Around Me – I love this app for when I travel. Pull it up, click on coffee shops, and itll show you every coffee shop within a mile of you, grocery shops, restaurants, etc.

Sportstacular – My sports app of choice. It has everything I need – live scores and standings! Love it!

What are some of your favorite apps? What apps do I need to download?


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  1. Dude, I love PS Mobile. Especially when I'm cropping or rotating a screenshot, which I do all the time.
    Have you ever used the "Jared" app? Try it if you haven't.

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