My Year End Review (Part 1)

“Experience isn’t the best teacher, Evaluated Experience is.” -John Maxwell

One of my favorite things to do at the end of the year is my year end review. I’ll take a lot of time over the course of the last week in December to review and evaluate my year. From that review I plan out the upcoming year.

This week, I want to share with you the process I go through. I hope you’ll be able to take some of it, adapt it to your life, and implement it. First up:

“My Journal Review”

I split my journal into several categories:

  • Daily Highlights – what I did that day
  • Funnies/Memories – any memories I don’t want to forget
  • God – anything God spoke to me
  • General – this is when I just want to write out my thoughts
  • Scriptures – Any scriptures that really spoke to my heart
  • Blessings – anything that God really blessed me with
  • Prayer – things I’m praying about/for/ believing for/ etc.

I’ll read my entire journal from that year and make a “Year End Report” of Several Things:

  • How I Spent my Time – how much time did I spend with mentors, friends, family,etc.
  • Highlights: What were the biggest highlights from that year
  • Lowlights: What bummers were there over the year
  • Themes throughout the year – Usually God puts one or two themes on my heart for my life throughout a given year (I’ll explain this later)
  • Biggest Nuggets Learned: What were the greatest lessons I’ve learned?
  • Memories – I always type out ALL of the memories from that year so I have them
  • Scriptures – I make note cards out of the scriptures and stack them and go through them on a consistent basis

How do you journal? Do you have any suggestions for me? Did this help you?


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