My Year End Review (Part 2)

“Experience isn’t the best teacher, Evaluated Experience is.” -John Maxwell

My Bucket List, My Life Plan, Quarterly Goals, and Intentional Focus

The Second thing I do during my year end review is review these documents, evaluate where I am according to them, what I’ve accomplished, and what I need too change. What are they you ask? Here you go:

(If you’d like – leave me your e-mail address and I can send you my copies of these documents so you have a basic framework to work from)

Bucket List – This is a list of things I want to do to do before I die. Outrageous things like running a marathon, eating with the President of the US, specific places I want to visit, flying in an air force jet, etc.. I originally got this idea from this story about Lou Holtz. If you don’t have one of these – I highly recommend you make one – dream as big as you can!

My Life Plan – So i just started this a few months ago after reading this post from Michael Hyatt. It is where you take the 7 major areas of your life, prioritize them, get a scripture you’re going to stand on for each of them, write out a legacy statement of what you want to be remembered for in that area, write out where you are realistically right now on your way to accomplishing that goal, then write action steps you’re going to take to get to the goal.

Quarterly Goals: This one is pretty obvious – I set the majority of my goals in 90 day increments. I review them – see how I did – and rewrite them for the next quarter. (Note: A lot of my goals are mini-steps I need to take for the goals of my Life-Plan)

My Life’s Intentional Focus – This is basically an overview of my life… in it I include the following:

  • My Vision Statement for My Life
  • My Priorities
  • My Values
  • Principles I live my life By
  • My Strengths
  • My Weaknesses
  • Mentors that I serve and how often I meet with them
  • Potential Mentors
  • My Current Growth Plan
  • My Future Growth Plan – areas I need to study and get mentored in, in the future. (i.e. in 2009 I want to be mentored and study more on communication and writing – so I’m going to find books and hopefully some people that can mentor me on the subject)

More to come tomorrow – hope you’re able to take some of these things and implement them in your life!


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