My Year End Review (Part 3)

“Experience isn’t the best teacher, Evaluated Experience is.” -John Maxwell

My 2009 Calendar Planning

After I go through all the documents I’ve mentioned – I start planning my 2009 Calendar. We all need to schedule what our “ideal” year would look like. I really evaluate how I spent my year the year before and then I prioritize my year based on my findings. Here are some thing I make sure I plan:

  • My 2.5% – I heard about this on a lesson I listened to by Bob Biehl. You schedule 2.5% of your time to make sure the other 98.5% of your time is focused on the right things. I do this through:
    • Quarterly Reviews – I schedule 1 day a quarter to evaluate how I’m doing, where I’m going, etc.
  • Family Time – This is where I’ve really struggled to be honest with you… but my goal is to schedule a breakfast/coffee/hangout time with each family member once a month
  • Mentor Time – I figure out how many days a month I’m spending on purpose getting mentored – I talk to my mentors about going out for breakfast each month then schedule it.
  • Vacation Time – I have to get away at some point in the year….if you don’t take a vacation – you need to!
  • My Required Time – Things that I need to do – Rev – I need to make sure I put in all of our events on my calendar so I know how much free time I have

One suggestion I would make to you would be: Go to the people that mean most to you in order of priority and ask them this question:

How much time do you need from me next year?

I.e.: Your spouse may need a date night a week, a mini-honeymoon every six months, and a vacation. Book it . . . then move on to your children – same thing, then clients, etc. and go all the way down the line.

What do you do when you schedule your upcoming year? Any thoughts or suggestions?


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