Not What I Thought

“The biggest hindrance to the plan of God in your life, is your plan for your life.”

We all seem to have a pretty good idea of what our lives are supposed to look like. We always think we know how things are going to work out. We always think we know the right path to take.

However, I’ve found that often in my walk with God, that what I think God is going to do, is not what ends up happening. Where God takes me and what God does in my life is often not what I thought He would do.

I often find myself saying, “This is not what I thought my life would look like right now. This is not where I thought I’d be. This is not what I thought I’d be doing.” Have you been there?

At first it can be a bit disappointing. My plans didn’t work out. What I wanted to be doing, I’m not doing. Where I thought I was going to be, I’m not there. Bitterness can sink in. I start questioning God.

So often in life, God wants to move us from one place to another, but we fight with everything in us to stay on the path we have drawn out for our lives.

However, if we’re ever going to live the lives God intended us to live, we need to surrender our plans to Him and latch onto His plans with everything in us. That will often entail us saying, “This is not what I thought my life would be…”

To do that we will need to realize that God’s plan may not always be what we think it is going to be, but it always ends up better than what we thought it was going to be and better than anything we could have thought up on our own.

Surrender what you think for what God knows today. Be open. Trust Him.


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