Nothing is Impossible

Nothing is impossible with God. -Luke 1:37

Catalyst Takeaway #2 – Nothing is Impossible

“You’d be dishonoring God if you don’t live your life believing you could change the world.” -Nick Vujicic

After going to Catalyst, I really recognized that nothing is too big for God. He is bigger than I could ever imagine and He wants to do in and through me more than I could ever dare, ask, think, or imagine (Eph. 3:20). Here are some of my favorite takeaways and how they relate:

It’s not about ability – it’s about availability – we get so caught up in comparing ourselves with others that we aren’t available for God to use… stop focusing on other peoples gifts, and focus on the gifts God gave you.

The size of vision God will give me is directly related to the amount of pain and discomfort I’m willing to endure – Just because it’s possible with God, doesn’t mean it is going to be easy – “The road to success is uphill all the way.”

Leadership/Seeing Your Vision Come to Pass is as Easy as Listening to God – Literally…The answer to 1,001 questions is – BE LED! I like what Perry Noble said, “Listen to Jesus and When You’re ready – He’ll blow your freaking mind!”

If you haven’t had a sleepless night over vision, you haven’t had a vision from God – What keeps you up at night? What has God put in YOUR heart? If you haven’t found that yet — spend some time seeking God.

Great Question – What would you do for God if you knew you couldn’t fail? –> You’re a coward if you don’t. Scared? If you weren’t, God isn’t in it because you could¬† do it.

FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real – This helped me so much… reminded me of this post by Steven Furtick that changed my life. Why are we so afraid to step out?

“Don’t You Dare Give Up on a God Who’s Never Given Up On You!” – I think we all need to hear this on a daily basis. It’s always tempting to throw in the towel and quit, but we have a God who believes in us more than anyone else.


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