The One Lesson You Need to Learn from the 2014 Olympics

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I have been enjoying watching the Olympics this year. My highlight so far has actually been the following commercial:

The one lesson you need to learn from the 2014 Olympics is: “Behind every big moment, there are lots of small ones.” 

Nobody who ever accomplished anything great or became successful became that way by accident. Think about it:

  • Behind every olympian winning a medal, there were a lot of small moments leading up to it: training, getting coached, etc.
  • Behind every great marriage, there are a lot of small intentional acts: date nights, counseling, personal growth.
  • Behind every great book, there are a lot of small moments: writing daily, editing, publishing, etc.
  • Behind every financially independent person, there are a lot of small moments: saving, investing, getting out of debt, cutting expenses, etc.
  • Behind every great walk with God, there are a lot of small moments: spending time with God daily, getting in the word, etc.

Whatever “big moments” you’re dreaming of . . . they are only going to happen by taking small steps everyday. Before you ever have a big moment, there will be a lot of small ones.

  • Before you speak in front of thousands, you have to speak in front of a few.
  • Before you run a marathon, you have to run a 5k.
  • Before you publish a book, you have to write a lot of chapters.
  • Before you become a millionaire, you have to start to save, get out of debt.
  • Before you marry the spouse of your dreams, you have to become the kind of man or woman that can attract the kind of spouse you’re looking for.
  • Before you get in the best shape of your life, you have to start to exercise and learn how to eat right.

What small things are you doing today that will get you to where you want to be tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, or next decade?

Your big moment will only come if you take care of the small ones. 


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