One Question That Changes Everything

Over Christmas break, I was watching an interview on CNN with Kelsey Grammar. He was talking about how he is on his fourth marriage and how he had overcome a cocaine addiction.

In talking about his addiction, he said, “Cocaine is amazing. It’s so much fun. I loved doing it.” The interviewer then asked, “Then how did you overcome the addiction?”

He said that he went through therapy and his therapist asked him one question that changed everything.

Photo Courtesy of the ExtrernallyFocusedNetwork

His therapist  asked, “How’s that working out for you?”

He said that’s when everything changed. He realized that the addiction was ruining his relationships, his career, and ultimately his life. That was the moment he decided to change.

How’s that working out for you? What a great question! I think it’s one that we need to ask about everything we do!

Think about where you want to be in life. How’s your current job working out for you in light of what you want? How is your current relationship working out for you? Your current friends? Your current salary? Your current beliefs? How you use your time?

A lot of times what we are doing is not working out for us and that’s ok, as long as you can recognize that and are willing to change.

Evaluate your life, your pursuits, your job, your relationships, your eating habits, your financial habits, and any other area of your life and ask the question, “How’s that working out for me?”

If somethings not working out, develop a plan to change it!


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