Only God

God to David: I took you from the pasture, tagging along after sheep, and made you prince over my people Israel. I was with you everywhere you went and mowed your enemies down before you. Now I’m making you famous, to be ranked with the great names on earth -II Sam. 7:8

When I read through the Bible I’m noticing more and more that it’s full of “Only God” moments.

David defeated Goliath – Only God

David went from tending to sheep to being King of Israel – Only God!

Joseph went from being a slave in prison to 2nd in command in all of Egypt – Only God

Paul went from Killing Christians to Writing 3/4 of the New Testament & Preaching Jesus to the Gentiles- Only God

Jesus came, died, and rose from the dead to redeem the World – Only God

When it comes to us living for God – we need to get this truth in our heart: In ourselves we are nothing and can do nothing! But in Christ, we can do everything! People should look at our lives and say “Only God”:

Only God could have gotten them that job

Only God could have gotten them that spouse

Only God Could have blessed him that way

Only God . . .

My prayer for my life and for yours is that we’ll lay down our lives and trust God for everything. I have no desire to do anything with my life that I could look at and say “I did it! I figured it out! I had a plan and it came to pass” No… I want to be able to look at everything in my life and say to people, “Only God”

When we do, our natural response will be like David’s:

King David went in, took his place before God, and prayed: “Who am I, my Master God, and what is my family, that you have brought me to this place in life? . . . What can I possibly say in the face of all this? You know me, Master God, just as I am. You’ve done all this not because of who I am but because of who you are—out of your very heart! -II Sam. 7:18-21



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  1. YESSSS LOVE IT! This (Matthew 19:26) has been on my heart for a while!

    Thanks for posting, Bubsies!

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