Opportunities (Part 3)

What He opens, no one can close; and what He closes, no one can open. I know all the things you do, and I have opened a door for you that no one can close.                               -Revelation 3:7-8

One thing led to another and….

Isn’t that a pretty common saying when someone is telling the story of their success? Maybe in a relationship, getting a promotion, or becoming the CEO of a company. “We met in the library at school, started talking, one thing led to another and now we’re married!” “I looked for ways to go above and beyond my job description, one thing led to another, and I got a promotion!” I think you get the point…

My question to you is – where will the opportunities you take advantage of take you? Here are some possibilities:

Your Opportunities will lead you to new relationships – I love new opportunities because it always provides a way to build new relationships with people I’d never normally have a relationship with.

Your Opportunities will lead you to new responsibilities – We’ve been talking about this all along – be faithful with little and you’ll eventually be in charge of a lot!

Your Opportunities will bring you in front of Important People – Proverbs 22:29 says that competent workers will serve Kings rather than working for ordinary people. When you’re diligent in what you put your hand to now, people will notice, and before you know it, you’ll be in front of people you never thought even noticed you exist.

Your Opportunities will lead you to new places – I always think of Abraham – his opportunity to obey God led him to the land of milk and honey. He seized the opportunity in front of him and didn’t look back. I’m going to guess that he doesn’t ever look back and regret the choice to take a risk. Neither will you – step out!

Your Opportunities will lead you to achieve all of your dreams – Again, nobody just arrives at the top. Nobody “just” achieves all of their dreams. It’s the result of taking advantage of the hundred little opportunities in life that often lead to the one big opportunity.



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