Our Summer "Intern" Program Recap

Our 4:12 Students Getting Ice Cream after our Celebration Dinner!

At Revolution we offer a summer of service program we call 4:12 (from I Tim. 4:12) where we hand pick a handful of students that we want to invest in for the summer. They come into the office at church 2 days a week for both personal growth and to serve. Their day is split up into two parts, the first half is focused on their personal growth through devotions, leadership video curriculum, ministry curriculum, and nuggets from the Rev Staff and Leadership. The second part of their day is focused on serving and working for several different areas and ministries of the church.

This was my second year being involved with this ministry, last year I led it, and this year I oversaw Cory Vogan, who led it this year. I just have to say it is a privilege to get to hang out with these guys for the summer. We get to build some great relationships with each other and create some amazing memories. Here are some things that our students taught me this summer:

  • Students have way more potential than any of us realize
  • Students can work a lot harder than people give them credit for
  • Students want to make a difference in the lives of other people just as much as anyone else does
  • Students that are on fire for God are contagious and effect everyone around them!

Thank you Jesse Swanson, Niki Wolbert, Allison Hammerle, Nathan Hampson, Josiah Long, Victor Nardini, Laura DiFalco, Brian Schmelzer, and Katie Johnson! You’ve made a difference in my life, our leaders lives, and at Victory Family Church. My only prayer is that you got out of this summer through our investment half of what we got from yours. THANK YOU!!


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