Out of Nowhere – Catalyst Takeaway #4

Then the Lord said to Moses, “Has my arm lost it’s power? Now you will see whether or not my Word comes true! . . . Now the Lord sent a wind that brought quail from the sea and let them fall all around the camp. For miles in every direction there were quail . . . no one gathered less than fifty bushels.

~Numbers 11:23, 31,32

“The Greatest Blessings in our lives often come Out of Nowhere” -Mark Batterson

I absolutely loved this message by Mark Batterson. I think so often we see God do amazing things in and through people and think to ourselves “I wish that was me” “when am I going to get my breakthrough” etc. However, if you’d ask the people you look up to, I’m sure they’d tell you that their success came “Out of Nowhere” “When they least suspected it” “In the middle of the biggest mess of their lives” etc. Here are some things I’ve noticed about God moving “Out of Nowhere”

God will do Big Things Out of Nowhere when We’re Willing to be Developed instead of being Discovered – Perry Noble preaches this constantly… people never see God do big things in their life because their more focused on being discovered or the next big thing instead of allowing God to develop¬† who He made them to be.

God usually moves “Out of Nowhere’ after we’ve been faithful with what is in front of us – Another Perry quote, “If you’re still where you are, you’re not ready for the next level.” Be faithful where you are, and when your ready, God will promote you “out of nowhere”

You Can’t Take Credit for Things that Happen Out of Nowhere: If it happened because of our efforts, God wouldn’t get any glory… we always need to be recognizing our dependency on Him.

Have you had any experiences in your life where God moved “out of nowhere”?


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