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I recently heard a story about a very successful man who was approached by a very large company that wanted him to be their CEO. They talked and the company offered a very generous salary to the man. “No thanks” the man replied. The company came back with another offer for the man, to which he also rejected. Finally, the company said, “Listen, we want you to lead us and we have decided that we will pay you whatever salary you would like if you’ll come on board with us.” The man replied, “Oh, the salary is not the issue. In fact, the first salary you offered me was more than enough . . . It’s the job that’s to small.”

I love that story!  If you know me at all, you know that I am very passionate about personal growth. This story is the perfect example of where your potential can take you if you will choose to grow every day you are alive and in every job you have. The man in the story was obviously very successful if the company wanted him that badly.

However, this man had grown to the point where he could chose where he wants to focus his time, energy, and experience. I’m willing to be that he wanted to focus on something that is going to matter. Something that is going to last. I am willing to bet he wanted to spend the rest of his life focusing on leaving a legacy.

I am also willing to bet that this man started out just like the rest of us. He probably started working at a fast food restaurant or delivering newspapers when he was young.

He got to where he is today by growing to his maximum potential. By making the most of every opportunity he had throughout his life. He was faithful in the small things and as a result he can now choose what big things he wants to pursue.

So the lesson here is to be faithful with every job you have and grow as much as you can. Your goal should be to out grow every job you are in! Every time you outgrow a job, you position yourself to make an even bigger impact with your life.

One of my favorite quotes is, “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” Choose to live a life where you make the most of everything and out grow every position you can! I believe God wants all of us to get to the point where we are free to choose how we spend our time and our money. But we will only get there if we chose to use the time and money we have in a way that is valuable to God.


What are you doing right now to out grow the job you are in?

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