P90X Delivers – My Review of P90X

I’m on my last few days of my first run through P90X. I absolutely love it. I guarantee it will get you the results you’re looking for if you’ll stay disciplined and go through the program.You can watch the making of p90x here!

I would highly recommend buying P90X if you’re looking to get in shape. Buy it here!

What I love about the program:

1.) You get results! – To be honest, I didn’t diet much during this round because of the holidays, but I saw results, I lost body fat, I became more flexible, and I got a lot stronger.

2.) The Daily Discipline of Working Out – These workouts are usually about an hour and fifteen minute comittment. It takes discipline to schedule them and get them done. You’ll become a more disciplined person through the program.

3.) You Don’t Need Much Equipment – I used bands, a pull-up bar, and push up bars -> all very inexpensive.

4.) Anyone Can Do It – Though the workouts are very intense, someone is always showing you a modified way to do the moves. You’re encouraged throughout all the workouts to simply “Do Your Best, and Forget the Rest” and in time, you’ll improve.

5.) The Variety of Workouts – It’s not just lifting and cardio. After a week – you feel like you’ve worked you’re entire body and you feel great.

6.) Tony Horton – Some love him, others hate him. I happen to love the guy! He makes the workouts fun, he pushes you, and he has tons of memorable quotes that you get engrained in your mind!

Potential “Downfalls”:

1.) The Time Commitment – 90 Days is great, an hour and a half a day isn’t bad either, but sometimes I did found it hard to workout 6 or 7 days a week, not because I was lazy, but I just didn’t have an extra hour and a half that day.

2.) Working out at Home – I actually loved working out at home as opposed to a gym, but when i talk to some people about the program, they insist they have to work out at a gym. My advice would be go through the program and implement what you learn when you go to the gym.

P90X is made up of 12 Workouts:

1.) Chest and Back – An hour of mostly push-ups and pull -ups – I love this workout!

2.) Back and Bi’s- 2 back exercises followed by two bicep exercises – Brutal! The Corn Cob pull-ups are killer!

3.) Core Synergetics – I think this was my favorite work out – it destroys you’re core!

4.) Plyometrics – Jump training! This is probably the hardest of all the workouts. Tony calls it “The mother of all P90X workouts” – a well deserving name.

5.) Yoga – This was the most surprising! At first you’ll hate yoga and think it’s stupid and a waste of time, by the end of the 90 days, you’ll be looking foreword to every chance you get to do yoga. Here is what Tony thinks of yoga!

6.) Legs and Back – Wall Squats… enough said!

7.) Cardio – This ended up being my Saturday workout – a mixture of yoga, plyo, core, and kempo!

8.) Kempo – This workout is fun, a lot of punching and kicking, but it was my least favorite. I never felt like I got a great workout in after I did it. I ended up replacing this with Cardio.

9.) Chest, Shoulders, and Tri’s – This workout is tough, but awesome! 1-handed push-ups..Tough!

10.) Shoulders and Arms – The glamour muscles! Gotta love this workout!

11.) XStretch – Your optional Sunday workout – when you can get it in, it’s worth it – so relaxing!

12.) Ab Ripper X – This is killer! It’s a 16 minute ab workout that you do after 3 of your workouts throughout the week!


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