So a lot of you have been asking me about P90X – What is it? Does it work? Is it worth it? Etc.. Here’s what I know:

P90X is a set of 12 workouts on DVD that are very intense! I first heard about it from  people doing  it in my church. All I know is that they would talk about how tough the workouts are and I saw that they were getting results. Since then, I’ve gotten the workouts and done them – they’re awesome and very tough! Here are some thoughts on the program:

It’s Convenient – 12 DVD’s – so you’re able to do them at home. All you need is an hour a day… You don’t need a ton of weights. A few dumbbells or  stretch bands, and a pull-up bar.

It’s not Richard Simmons – Most workout videos tend  to be very cheesy . . . while P90X has it’s moments, I really enjoy Tony (the trainer) and I find the workouts flying by! Best workout videos I’ve ever seen!

Anyone Can do it – I really like these workouts because the trainers show you how to modify exercises if you can’t do perfect form, encourage you to set your own goals instead of trying to keep up with them, and have the motto, “Do your best, forget the rest.” They know that over time – you’ll get to where you want to be!

It’s a Variety – Half of the DVD’s are strength building, the other half are core, stretching, and cardio work… I love the variety!

It Works – It comes with a workout calendar and a nutrition guide for you to follow. I’ve seen the results of those who’ve followed through with the program – and they end up looking great!

My results – To be honest, I haven’t done the program all the way through, I’ve been training for the Marine Corps Marathon, so I usually will run one day and do a P90X workout of my choice on my off day. Once I’m done with the marathon, I plan on going through the entire 90 day program in the winter. (I will post pictures with my results!)

I’d definitely recommend buying this program if you’re willing to discipline yourself daily and follow-through with this. It’s like anything in life – if you put your heart and mind to it, you’ll do it, and get the results you want. The question is – how bad do you want it?

Buy it here!


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