People I'd like to Have Lunch With (Part 1)

The older I get the smaller the world seems. When I start to think about people I could have only dreamed of meeting in a lifetime, I now realize that literally meeting them could be a few contacts, phone calls, or conferences away from making that dream a reality. I’ll probably make several posts like this over time. If anyone out there could arrange me meeting these great leaders I would be very grateful!

#5 Perry Noble
I’ve just recently stumbled across this guy through blogging and twitter! He pastors a church in Anderson, SC and is changing the world! He started his church 1999 and now runs thousands on the weekend and has several campuses. Did I mention he gets mentored by John Maxwell?

#4 Craig Groeschel I saw Craig live a few years ago at a church leadership conference and thought he was awesome. Since then, he has become a pioneer for the way churches do things. From church resources to multi-campus churches, to the online church, he is helping the Body of Christ reach the world!

#3 Erwin McManusI’ve only been listening and reading Erwin’s stuff for about a year now. He is an incredible thinker and futurist. I would highly recommend his podcast and his books. I am going to get the opportunity to go see him speak at The Soar ’08 Conference in November!

#2 Keith Moore – I got the opportunity to meet Keith Moore when he was at our church for a conference, but it was only for a brief moment (but I shook his hand!!! I haven’t washed it since!) Only kidding… Spiritually…this man has taken me to new levels! Get his stuff all free online!!

#1 John C. Maxwell
– No surprise here if you know me. This man has had a tremendous impact on my life through his books and audio teachings. I’ve actually made it one of my life goals to see him teach in person and then meet him. I encourage you to become a member of his monthly mentoring program… Check it out here.


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