People I'd Like to Have Lunch With (Part 2)

In part 3 I’ll make a list of non-christian leaders I’d like to have lunch with. Here is the remainder of Christian leaders I’d love to have lunch with (there are more, but going over 10 seems a bit ridiculous right now!):

#10 Doug Jones – This guy is awesome! He comes to our church once a year and his teachings and books have revolutionized the way I think and do things! I’d love to be able to pick his brain for hours!!!

#9 Joyce Meyer –
I love Joyce Meyer! I got to see her at a conference in Hershey a few years back and became a partner with her. I think it would be sweet to spend an afternoon with her!

#8 Joel Osteen Other than his critics (which is ridiculous), I don’t think there is a human being on the planet who would not love getting together with Joel. He is the pastor of the largest church in America (Lakewood) and brings the gospel to hundreds of thousands of people on a weekly basis. He is the man!

#7 Rick Warren –
The Senior Pastor of Saddleback Church in California. The church has grown to 25,000 people! This man is a remarkable leader and is most well known for his book The Purpose Driven Life. What’s really cool is I know that Rick, Bill Hybels, and John Maxwell all started teaching leadership together in the 80’s and today they are the best!! To have an inner circle like that… Wow!

#6 Bill Hybels – The Senior Pastor of Willow Creek (one of the largest churches in America). I’ve seen this guy speak only one time on a DVD of a leadership conference. He spoke on the “Life Cycle of a Leader” which was one of the best leadership lessons I’ve ever heard. Willow holds an annual conference called The Leadership Summit. I plan on attending this conference sometime!


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  1. Doug Jones is only #10! David and I will pray for your eyes to be opened, haha.

    Actually, Doug Jones preached about how having favorite (in an unhealthy way) teachers can be a sign of spiritual immaturity.

  2. Dude… One day you and David will realize that Keith Moore is far beyond Doug Jones!!! Keith Moore had the revelation Doug Jones is getting now when he was 3 years old haha… I’ll just stop before I embaress both of you!!

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