People that Have Changed My Life (Part 2)

People who have never known me have changed my life

This has everything to do with intentional growth. If growth is not intentional… it won’t happen. It is a fact that leaders are readers! I heard one of the most influential leaders in my life tell me this story: He sat down with a potential leader and asked him what he was doing to grow. The potential leader responded, “I like to learn by going through things… that is how I grow the most.” To which the leader responded, “If that is the mindset you’re going to have, you’re fired. You’ll never be smart enough to survive…that is stupid! You need to learn from others. I can get stupid for free…”

Again… I truly believe that if growth is not intentional… it won’t happen! So the people that have never known me and yet changed my life are authors of the books I read and the messages I listen to. Here are a few:

John Maxwell – His leadership lessons and books have literally changed my life!

Keith Moore – This guy has taken my spiritual maturity to a whole new level!

Erwin McManus He really makes me think about everything! I’ve never heard anyone who thinks like this guy… genius!

Gerald Brooks – Gerald’s monthly leadership lessons for pastors has been great insight into leadership in ministry.

Kenneth Hagin – The man passed away in 2003 and is still making a huge impact all over the world through his material!

Louie Giglio
This man had one lesson (The Little Leader) that I listen to several times a year… it changes my life every time!

I am trying to make a habit to write each of these people letters telling them how their work has impacted my life. I would encourage you to do the same… any time you read a great book, listen to great message, or whatever… write the author a letter. I promise you that letter will help encourage them!


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  1. bubba!

    I was checking out the Rev Blog and somehow came across yours. Very nice. Hope you are doing well!

    Ps: Louie Giglio is great!

    Tara Monahan

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