People that Have Changed My Life (Part 3)

People that know me, but never known they’ve helped me.

I think out of all the people who’ve helped me…these people are my favorite. They’re my favorite because most of them aren’t mentors in my life, these are people that you wouldn’t think would have a big influence on you, and it shows how amazing God is because of His willingness to speak through anyone who is willing to be used by Him. Again, this is not an exhaustive list… but these people really have made a huge impact and perhaps will never know (unless they read this!)

Students of Revolution Student Ministries – I absolutely love the students in our youth group. I wake up every day with a passion of connecting, loving on, and equipping them to go out and do crazy things for God! However, it’s so funny that they have probably had a bigger impact on me than I could ever have on them. Some students have changed my life through words they’ve said, their actions, or just simply their friendship. I love you guys!!

David Riley – David is a student I kind of “took under my wing” for a few years. We’ve built a great friendship. He literally has changed my life when I’ll share with him things I am going through. He’ll drop one liners that are ridiculous. I often joke with him that he is like the donkey that God spoke through in the Bible… haha… Thanks David.

Dr. Lawrence Butterini My High School Principle. The cool thing about this is the impact he had on my life didn’t take place until after high school. He, along with the assistant principle were the first people to tell me I had leadership qualities. They poured tons of great nuggets into me as well as the rest of the class…though at the time we thought they were lame, looking back they were life changing!!

There are plenty of more… these were the first ones I could think of this morning… more on the way I’m sure. Who are some people who know you and made a big impact, but never known they’ve helped you?

Come back tomorrow for People who know me, and known they’ve made a difference in my life!!


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