People that Have Changed My Life (Part 4)

People That Know Me and Know They’ve Helped Me

These are people in which I am the most thankful for. These are people who saw potential and gifts in me when nobody else (including myself) did. They’ve loved me unconditionally, have risked a lot by investing in me, and spent countless hours pouring into my life on purpose. These people have been multipliers in my life:

My Mom – My mom was a huge influence in my life growing up… she taught me to love me for who I am, to be outgoing and have a great time, and to be myself! I love my momma!

Mike SteidelHe took me under his wing and taught me what it was to work hard, to dream as big as I can and go for it, to be sharp, to get a college education (haha Mr. S if you’re reading this!), to have the highest standards I could. He’s taught me so much more… but those are the big ones!

Judy SteidelWhen I lost my mom in 2002, I went to her Bible Study and it got me fired up about God. She took me under her wing like a son, got me going to Victory, and gave me a passion for Christ like I’ve never had before.

Laura Steidel – She believed in me when nobody else did… encouraged me… and never gave up on me. I am so grateful for her friendship. I would not be who I am today if it had not been for her!!

Zack Blair Zack and I came to Victory in 2003 and have pursued God and ministry together. I look up to him in so many ways… He is like a big spiritual brother. He constantly challenges me . . . it’s a privilege to have him in my life.

Ben Rath I am pretty sure Ben knows the impact he’s had on my life. This guy takes everyone who he comes in contact with and takes them to new levels. He has done that for me and I am so grateful.

Pastor Larry Bettencourt Perhaps no one has made a greater impact in my life than this man. He believed in me, poured into me, loved me unconditionally, and pulled my gifts and potential out of me. He is an amazing pastor, mentor, and friend. He helped me have my “One Start” on the way to an “Eternal Finish” I love you PL!

There are obviously way more people that have poured into me… those are some of the biggies. This concludes my “series” on people that have changed my life.

Who are some people that have intentionally poured into you? Do they know how big of an impact they’ve had in your life?


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