What People Really Think of What You Want to Do

One of our biggest fears when it comes to going after the dreams in our heart is the fear of what people will think.

  • What if they think it’s stupid?
  • What if they think it’s impossible?
  • What if they tell me it can’t be done?
  • What if they think I am insane?
  • What if they never talk to me again?
  • What if they talk about me behind my back?

I want to let you know that all of those fears are what is really insane. I’ve found that most people want you to achieve what’s in your heart more than you do!

A simple example of this in my life is this blog. I believe God wants me to use this blog to encourage, inspire, and equip others to live the life God has called them to live. However, I often fear what people think of me blogging, promoting, etc.

I was having a conversation with one of my best friends, whose opinion I respect a great deal. I told him how I was constantly worried that he thought that by promoting my blog, that I was selfish, narcissistic, etc.

I was waiting for him to say, “Yep. I think it’s an area you need to seriously evaluate in your life.”

Instead he said, “You want to know what I think when I see you publish a blog?” He went on to say, “I hope the entire world reads it because I know it will help them!”

That set me free! I got so fired up because I realized that the reality I feared, wasn’t reality at all.

You want to know what I’ve found that people really think of what you do?

They think it’s awesome! They want to see you achieve everything you’re dreaming of! I mean think about the people that you love, don’t you want to see them do everything they want to achieve? Absolutely!

Sure, there will be people who don’t care about what you’re doing. There even may be a few that oppose what you’re doing. But the majority? The majority is behind you and beside you cheering you on.

Stop letting the fear of what people think hold you back. People think you’re awesome.

You now have permission to go after what’s in your heart.

What fears do you struggle with when it comes to going after what’s in your heart? What are you doing to combat them? Comment below!

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