Personal Growth (Part I)

“If I Don’t Grow, I go”

When I was fresh out of high school I think it’s safe to say that I never read a book that would have added value to me, I could have cared less who I surrounded myself with, and I never did anything to develop my gifts and talents. When I started interning at Victory Family Church for the youth program, Pastor Larry gave me a Injoy Life Club Leadership Lesson entitles Standing Tall. I listened to it and absolutely loved it. I remember as soon as I was finished I called PL and said, “I want more, give me everything you’ve got!” (kind of like Neo in the Matrix). It was from that moment on that I became passionate about personal growth.

Over the next week I want to look at some things I do and find out what you do in this area of personal growth. I have a poll (a few posts down) that asks how many books you read annually, please take it, I’m interested! Here are some thoughts on personal growth, that I’ll probably touch on throughout the week:

  • If I don’t grow, I go
  • Leaders are readers
  • Leadership is developed daily, not in a day
  • If personal growth isn’t intentional, it will never happen!
  • The first person to lead, is yourself
  • If you wouldn’t follow yourself, why should anyone else?

What are some of your thoughts on personal growth? Do you have a personal growth plan?


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