Personal Growth (Part II)

Growth Myths

Ben Rath shared a nugget last week that crushed me! He said, “The world will reap the harvest of you not fulfilling your purpose.” This is an absolute truth. Literally, if we don’t do what we were called to do, people will go to Hell. One of the leaders who poured into my life taught us that if we don’t choose to grow, the call on our lives will outgrow us. He even went on to say that if you don’t grow, someone will come in and be in charge of you, and you won’t think it’s fair, but what’s not fair is people are going to Hell because you chose not to grow!

One of my favorite stories is when a leader asked a young leader what books he was reading and what his growth plan was. The young leader replied,”I learn through experiences.” To which the leader replied, “If that’s your mentality then you’re fired… I can get stupid for free. Implying that unless we do something intentionally to grow, we’ll never maximize our potential because we’ll never be smart enough only learning through our experiences. We need to draw on the resources other people have provided for us.

Here are a few myths I’ve seen people have about growth:

  • Growth happens naturally as we grow up and get older
  • I can and need to learn everything I can through experience
  • I’ll figure it all out on my own

Are you doing something intentionally to grow? What are some other myths you’ve seen people buy into about personal growth??


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