Play Review: Fiddler on the Roof


Last night I got to see the Fiddler on the Roof put on by PNC Broadway Across America. It was fantastic! I have never heard of Topol until yesterday – He is 74 years old and he also was the original man who played the part of the main character way back in the day! He was absolutely amazing! He definitely made the play. I’ve been told there is a movie version of the play with him in it – you should check that out, I know I’m going to!

I really enjoyed the play overall – the story was good, had some catchy tunes, and I even picked up a new dance as a result of the choreography! I’d highly recommend it as long as Broadway is putting it on. I haven’t been impressed with Pittsburgh’s options such as CLO and the like.

Although it did not come close to comparing with Wicked or The Lion King… it’s in my top 5 right now… I’d recommend it!

Overall Grade: A

Did I mention I was in great company? That made it even better! I love these guys!



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  1. Yay! Got to love seeing great musicals with great people! You forgot to mention the awkward introductions and Rachel saying, "I'm the parents of them." Lol 😀

    Ready for "Legally Blonde: The Musical" in June?! Hahahaha.

  2. The original Topol? That guy is fantastic. My 7th grade music teacher made us watch the movie! Sometimes, I still catch myself humming "If I were a rich man….."

  3. Yea- I could get used to that! Rachel was hilarious yesterday! The awkward introductions were horrible!!! Yikes! Umm…. Not really feeling Legally Blond – sorry!! Haha…. Keith Moore will be my "fix" in June!

    Kathy Spencer said today she thought Beauty and the Beast will be coming in the Fall- that would be unbelievable! I'm fired up – be there!

  4. Yes, Patrick, the original! He was sick! If I were a rich man was definitely the best song! We still have to meet sometime man! Tell Ben to make something happen! Have a great night…

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