Play Review: Wicked

Alright… so this may be the best play I’ve seen! Granted… I love almost every play I see, but I love different plays for different reasons…

We went to dinner at McCormick & Schmick’s again… it was good, but I got jipped on my Chicken Parm! Last time I got 2 chicken breasts… this time I got 1 and half the pasta…UGH!

Anyway… as for the show- This is an absolute MUST SEE!!! I loved the story and the acting was unbelievable.

I had a crush on Glenda for the first half of the play, but by the end of the second I found myself in love with Alphi (the bad witch)!! (I know… I’m a loser)

My new theme song is: I’m a Sentimental Man!

YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS! That’s all I can say!

Final Grade: A+

Check out there official website here!

If you’d like to get tickets to see the show while it’s in Pittsburgh click here.


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  1. Wicked was the best show EVER.
    Have you bought the soundtrack yet!? Haha, you need to learn the lyrics to “Sentimental Man” since it’s your theme song now.

  2. Haha… Yea Steph.. I bought the soundtrack last night and listened to it all day today! It’s awesome… it gets me fired up about life!!!!

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