L3 Leadership Podcast with Doug Smith

L3 Leadership Podcast with Doug Smith

L3 Leadership Podcast with Doug Smith

L3 Leadership Podcast with Doug Smith

This podcast exists for two reasons:

1.) To add Value to You by Learning from those Ahead of Us – When I was 18 years old, I interned at a local church. My mentor encouraged me to take out a high level leader each month and ask them questions. I followed through on that and it was extremely beneficial. After 8 years of doing this, I started to feel selfish. I thought to myself, “I get to spend time with all of these great leaders and learn from them. Why don’t I record these interviews and turn them into a podcast for young leaders to listen to?” Shortly after that I started this podcast.

2.) To Add Value to You by Teaching You What I have Learned about Leadership – That same mentor handed me a leadership lesson on cd by John Maxwell. After listening to it, I was blown away. I called my mentor and asked him for every leadership lesson he had! That was the start of my obsession with personal growth. Since then, I have benefited greatly from leadership resources. Because of this, I have always endeavored to create my own resources to add value to others. As a result of that, I put a personal monthly leadership lesson on this podcast.

My hope is that this podcast encourages you, inspires you, challenges you, and equips you to become the leader you were created to be. If you know any leaders that you would like me to interview for this podcast, please e-mail me at dougsmith@l3leadership.org.

What You’ll Find on this Podcast: 

Each month we will publish three episodes:

    • An interview – Each month, I interview a seasoned leader and extrect their best leadership tips and practices.
    • A talk from our Breakfast series: Every month we host a leadership breakfast in which we bring in high-evel leaders to share their most valuable leadership lessons. We record these talks an publish them on the podcast.
    • A personal leadership lesson from me: Each month I record a leadership lesson that I believe will add value to your life.

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Past Episodes:

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