The Power of Sharing What You Learn

When I was 18 years old, my mentor, Larry Bettencourt, handed me a leadership lesson on CD and told me to listen to it. It was a lesson by a man who would become one of my heroes, John Maxwell. It was the first time I had ever listened to a leadership lesson (I had no idea there was such a thing!)


I enjoyed the lesson so much that I literally wrote out word for word the entire lesson in a notebook (I didn’t know that the lesson had come with notes!) After listening to the lesson, I immediately called Pastor Larry and said, “Give me everything you’ve got like this!” For the next year or two after that, I listened to a leadership lesson every night before I went to bed. That was the start of my personal growth journey. A journey that has changed my life.

Recently I was meeting with someone and I shared that story with them and was talking about how much John Maxwell has influenced my life. They said to me, “While John Maxwell is important in your life, so is the person who handed you the CD in the first place.”

That was a very profound statement for me. ! I thought to myself, what if Pastor Larry never gave me the CD? What if he was never willing to share what he was learning with me?

That is a scary question! I don’t know where I would be. I’m so grateful he was willing to share with me what he was learning. It changed my life forever.

I want to challenge you to share what you’re learning with others. It has the potential to change their lives forever.

Here are a few ways you can change someone’s life by sharing what you’ve learned:

If You Learn Something Valuable, Teach it as Often as You Can – Learning something is great. Learning something and telling others about it is even better. If you learn something and share it 10 times, ten people have heard it once, but you’ve heard it 11 times (the first time you heard it and the 10 times you’ve shared it). The more you teach it, the more you know it, and the more people you can impact!

If Something Adds Value to Your Life, Pass it On – If you listen to a great lesson, sermon, or read a good book, pass it on to someone you think could benefit from it.

Always Bring Something to the Table – When you’re meeting with someone, bring something with you that can add value to their life. Maybe it’s a lesson, a book, or a thought. It’ll encourage them to grow and challenge them to bring something to the table the next time you meet!

What are you learning right now that you could share with someone else? Who are you going to share it with and when?


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3 Responses

  1. Great post! My latest learning books and tools include:

    Coursera : Free, online courses taught by university professors. I’m almost finished with Grow to Greatness. It has been an excellent course with many lessons so far!

    Skillshare: I’m trying out a course on Skillshare at the end of the month. Skillshare, at the outset, seems to be both a great tool to learn from but also to teach if you are ready!

    Half the Sky: This book is challenging me daily with new insights to human rights. I highly recommend the read.

    1. Natalie!

      Thanks! Laura showed me Coursera! Awesome stuff! I am anxious to take a class! We need to hang out again so we can hear what you learned.

      I’ve heard of Half the Sky… Bill Hybels recommended it as well! Thanks for sharing!

      Never heard of skill share but will check it out!

      Thanks for adding value to my life!

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