Jerry Rice is one of the best football players of all time. In the height of Jerry’s  career, John Madden made this remark about him, “The best player in the NFL loves to practice.


Here is what I’ve discovered:

Everybody wants to play great in the game on Sunday, but few people want to practice everyday in order play great.

Everybody wants to get to the next level in their career, but few people are willing to work hard enough everyday to get to the next level.

Everybody wants to be in great shape physically, but few people want to work out everyday and eat clean.

What separates the average or good from the great, is the way they practice.  The way you practice will be determined on how you view practice. You have to learn to love to practice.

Look over your goals, discover what daily disciplines are needed to achieve them. Then write those disciplines  down. What you write down is what your daily practice is going to look. Once you establish the habits and disciplines you’ll need to do everyday, practice them. Every day. Day in. Day out.

Then one day,  you will accomplish all of your goals, and you will realize the importance of practice.

Then you will fall in love with practice. When you love practice, you’ll practice hard everyday. Practicing hard everyday is the price of greatness.

Learn to love practice.


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