Pranked – Now It's On!

Last night we I had a bunch of guys over to watch the Pens game and we were having a blast until I got a text from 4 girls (of whom aren’t even worth mentioning in this post haha) saying, “THIS IS SPARTA”. The last time I read that quote I looked out my window to see my car had been totally covered in paint and a ton of other things. I instantly jumped up and looked out my front window to see the following (along with our cars covered in toilet paper and lipstick) Let’s just say… It’s ON!


The girls covered half the yard in plastic forks, knives, and spoons…They left the other 1/2 clean to show honor to Andrew and Larry (My Roommates) img_0001

img_0002They also decided to decorate the tree in my front yard. Yes, that is a bra….

Revenge will be sooo sweet …


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  1. Yes!!!!! See, if you're gonna prank, do it right. This was perfection. The plastic utensils, cars, leaving half the yard clean – clearly it was well thought out. I'll be laughing my head off for the next few days…

    Congrats to whoever thought this up!!! 😀

  2. Dear Fellow Plan Owner – I haven't been to any board meetings yet. . . However, I've heard that everybody in our plan has been absolutely thrilled since we've moved into the neighborhood! haha

  3. Allison lol…. I don't know about perfection…. I would say – child's play…. so have a good laugh for a few days …. because very soon you're going to see perfection and be laughing for a few months!

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