Purpose vs. Money

Every month I listen to John Maxwell’s, Maximum Impact Lessons. A few years ago, he did a lesson called. “The Laws of Lifetime Growth”. Out of all of his lessons, I listen to that one the most. One of the laws is: Always Make Your Purpose Greater than Your Money. In it he says:

“Always make your purpose greater than your money! Greater purpose is essential for lifetime growth. Many people start of their careers thinking money is the goal. Money can be a useful measure of success, or progress in certain circumstances, and it’s a resource to realize greater possibilities, but at some point, money without purpose, loses it’s meaning.Money as an end, becomes a growth stopper.

Having a purpose that is greater than yourself will give you a constant impedes to strive! Purpose gives life meaning and helps us to direct and focus our talents and efforts. It attracts the talents and energy of others.Think of money only as a means of achieving a greater purpose, and you’ll attract all the resources and rewards that make up a rich life, not just money”

He then says, Success in Life is Three Things:

1.) Knowing my Purpose in Life

2.) Growing to my Maximum Potential

3.) Sowing Seeds to Benefit Others

John finishes the law by saying this:

“Stay with where your purpose is, stay with what you’re supposed to be doing. All this other stuff, it comes to you. Your job isn’t to worry about what you’re going to reap, your job is to worry about what you’re going to sow.”

I’ve heard it said that there are 3 stages in life: “Learn, Earn, and Return”. I like that. In my twenty’s, I’m learning. In time, I know I’ll be earning, and in the end, my goal is to return everything I earned and give it all away.

I’ve made this decision in my heart, that I’ll always make pursue my purpose over my paycheck. How about you?



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