Pushing Through Barriers

Have you ever felt like you’re just treading in water in life. There is so much going on around you and you feel a lot of pressure and you start to wonder if you’ll make it through this season?

Since I got on staff with Rev, it has been a wonderful experience. I have had an absolute blast and I mean it when I say that I haven’t worked a day yet (because I love it so much).

However, I have been and am currently being stretched more than I ever have in my life. There is a lot of responsibility and it’s easy to think that everything depends on you (which isn’t true). It can almost very frustrating unless you keep your eyes on God and realize that He’s called you to do this. I wanted to share two quotes that have helped me push through barriers in the past 7 months:

  • “God cares more about you than what you do for Him.” – PL
  • “God will throw you into things and seasons that you don’t think you’re ready for yet, but God knows when you’re ready.” -Scott Fletcher

Simply reminding myself of these truths over and over again has enabled me to push through the barriers that come my way! God’s called us and He has equipped us for such a time as this!


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  1. I like what Paul described in 2 Corinthians 4:11-18. He said in vs. 15 that all the stuff that he was going through wasn’t for him, but that it was for the sake of other people, so that they could learn fromw what he went through and that the move of God that he was in the middle of would continue on to reach more and more people.

    It’s not about you, it’s so that someone who comes after you can learn what you learned without having to go through what you went through.

    That’s my paraphrase through…

  2. I like that man… that spoke a lot to me. I can see that in my life with you, PL, PJ, etc… saving all of us lots of time and grief by teaching us what they’ve gone through!

    It’s one thing to learn about it… and a whole other thing to go through it for other. I think the barrier I was hitting was realizing that I have to go through… as opposed to “glide” through! haha…

    Thanks Ben!

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