Putting in the Miles (Part 2)

As most of you know I’m training for the Chicago Marathon in October with Pastor Larry. It’s been an amazing experience so far. I’ve run nearly 300 miles since March! Insane! Anyway… I said I’d keep you posted with some lessons I’m learning along the way.

  • Both life and success are both a marathon as well as a journey, not a sprint or a destination.
  • Motivation to do anything in life will never strike you like lightning… just do it and the motivation will come.
  • In training for a marathon, I’ve realized that the 6-7 months you spend training, no one is there patting you on the back for all your hard work or pushing you to run harder. It is often the same in life and ministry… they can both be “thankless” jobs, but that is why we find our worth and affirmation in God!

Just some thoughts…. learning so much… I’ll have a volume of sermons after October!!


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